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ID in Bodies
Virtual exhibition + multi-avatar
2022 April 24 - May 8, at INST Cyprovolex 

Opening 2022.4.24, 15:00

Performance 2022.4.24, 20:00


Being in the virtual world, let the avatar walk for you. When the consciousness is temporarily separated from the physical body and wanders between the internet and the screen, perhaps this gives us the power to recognize the truth and gives us the ability to look at the environment outside the body.

The body is not a subject but a mediator of existence. Merleau-Ponty used this definition in his Phenomenology of Embodiment, which posits that the body is not an entity in itself, but a mode of behavior that moves away from passively observing the environment and seeing it holistically. Due to the growth of online gaming and virtual worlds (platforms), the maturation and refinement of VR technology, artificial intelligence, neural networks, and wearable technology have substantially increased our perceptibility in virtual environments. In turn, the empowerment of these technologies has generated a more creative insight into proprioception for the virtual body. In this regard, ID in Bodies considers a question about the relationship between mind and body when relocating between real and virtual space.


How could we understand the existence of individual avatars as doppelgängers of ontology in different virtual spaces?

Artist: Zelia ZZ TAN @zelia_zz_tan

Curator: Xinchen Du @xinchendu27

Exhibtion Modeler: Yang Li @yangli_art

Collaborator: Simon Ho, Guido Stuch

Raiden INST is nonprofit art organization, based in Shanghai since 2020. INST explores the boundaries of art, sci-tech, nature, and their intrinsic connection to humans through interdisciplinary collaboration. It is also dedicated to practicing display possibilities outside the white box, as a curator, artist, and other identities, with strong flexibility and cooperativity.

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