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Accelerating Dimension 加速次元
Live dance game + motion capture + AR event! 
2021 September, at Phygital-D Festival / West Kowloon Culture Distribute, Free Space, the Room

Dimensional perspectives and indirect interactions collide, reflecting an exploration of virtual dance. Players use their bodies to experience setbacks, revelations and challenges through different devices in three uncertain dimensions. They encounter different avatars and identities.


When people interact with objects in the network, can sensors, generating resistance, test this acceleration? Can dimensional avatars exist in the space between virtual reality and physical reality, collect and analyse clues? Can human senses be reprogrammed to adjust the intensity of concentration within the crossover of technology and dance movement? 

In dislocated time and space, the creative team and I questioned the conventional subjectivity of media, and tried to create new physical and mental experiences. 

Creative team

Director and Choreographer: 譚之卓 Zelia ZZ Tan 

Dance artists: 曾詠暉 Tsang Wing-fai, 劉柏康 Lau Pak-hong, 陳凱明 Esther Chan Hoi-ming

Guest dance artists: 韋思晴 Karina Curlewis, 張子健 Match Cheung

Game designer: 楊靜 Yang Jing

Avatar designer: 張天 Zhang Tian

3D modeling and animation designer: 劉達 Daniel Liu

Interaction designer: Joseph Watson

Composer and sound designer: 葉珮君 Step lp

Sound engineer: 簡僖進 AK Kan

Costume designer: 葉頌恩 Perpetua Ip

Lighting designer: 羅文偉 Lawmanray

Advisers: Gilles Jobin, Cheung Fai

AR designer: Tristan Braud

Virtual camera designer: 張天熠 Zhang Tian-yi

Web AR designer: Guido Stuch

Avatar adviser: 吳瀚生 Royce Ng

Technical adviser: 楊振業 Adrien Yeung

Advisers: 張輝 Cheung Fai, Gilles Jobin

Observers: 梁曉端 Melissa Leung, 黃嘉豪 William Wong, 丘思詠 Catherine Yau

Program notes:



歡迎來到加速次元!- 香港文匯網

艺术|多媒体科技冲破局限,跨越生死,打造全新舞蹈表演形式  - 星岛环球网

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