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15 WORKs

Performative creations in multiple identities

Addiction, 10 mins, 2012. Choreographer & dancer. First choreographed work, at the age of 15. Finalist in the Korea International Dance Festival. 

It’s about her personal experience. She felt fearful to take off the high heels. Learning contemporary dance need bare feet.

The stage gave her vanity, a beautiful trap seducing her, but she yearned for freedom. 


Where I Am Passing/Going, 40 mins, 2015. Performer. A site-specific work on the rooftop of an industry centre in Kwun Tong. 

A dance practice as research, exploring the repercussions of moving dance-making activities away from the traditional studio and considers how performance might be challenged or transformed from different tasks to utilize the unique qualities of each dancer in the making of a site-specific work.

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Signal, 15 mins, 2015. Choreographer & dancer. Performed 10 times. Invited by the Helsinki Festival, Finland.

ZZ focused on how to use the change of different vocabularies to communicate with the audience in an impromptu manner. 

During the 25-hour marathonic performance, the improvisation part of the creation was linked to the venue space, and the audience's reactions shaped each performance differently. 


Flaneur, various lengths, 2015-continue. Researcher & choreographer & performer. A long-term experimental dance project. Happened in non-theatre public space in Paris, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong etc.

For the body to improvise in the streets of strange cities, risky spaces with strangers passing by and unforeseeable situations. 

It is a search for freedom of a fragile body with its complex identity, in a hardcore real world.

slope in paris 2018.png

Under This Weight, 6 minutes, 2016. Dancer. The original 30 minutes was completed by 20 dancers and choreographer Dam Van Huynh. Rehearsed 3 months in silence. This duo has performed more than 20 performances at the 19th Hong Kong Dance Awards Ceremony, Hong Kong Cultural Center and other occasions. 


The work focuses on breathing, gravitation and observing the living conditions of refugees. 

under this weight photoZelia_ZZ_TAN_s_Po

Somesound , 20mins, 2016. Researcher & dancer. 

The experimental work created various aspects of sound (rhythm, pitch, timbre and amplitude etc) through different designs in the performative space. 

The researchers focused on analyzing the interaction between sound and movement, through the observation of different physical contact of the body with different object and props,  to discover different resonance. 


Blank, 3 mins, 2016. Filmmaker & performer. Finalist in Short Film Competition in Jumping Frames International Dance Video Competition (student section).

An exploration with vs for camera. Dancer played the potential and limitations of the moving body only in one long shoot. 


Metamorphosis, 60 mins, 2017. Performer & translator. An international residency program presented by Shanghai International Dance Center and Power Station of Art, in 2017. 

Collaborated with 28 dance artists from over 15 counties and 3 visual artists who have documented the process and created video works. 

Zhizhuo Tan Watermill Full body image.JP

Starting Local Living Global, 1 min 2018. Director. First trailer  of IYA Space. IYA Space is an eclectic dance collective with artists from Hong Kong, China, Macau and Malaysia, specializing in immersive and multidisciplinary performances, of which I was co-founder.

Starting with a project-based working model, the foremost goal is to access the communities such us the youth, novice theatre goers, non-dancers and students or professionals from other artistic disciplines. 

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disCOVER, 6 mins, 2018. Choreographer and music designer.

The work reflected ZZ's understanding of performativity, associated with her views on body language and identity. 

A dancer in skin-colored jumpsuit, and a large sheet of silver paper which emphasized or hid the gender characteristics of body parts, and individual identity was constantly redefined through verbal behavior and symbolic communication. 


Landscape, 50 mins, 2018. Collaborator & performer. An immersive theater experience,  happened in the HKAPA Academy Festival. 

A collaboration between the Technical & Entertainment Arts School and Dance School have collaborated to create an unique experimental live event in Ovolo Hotel.

Audience experienced a playful journey, connected with virtual stories and 3 dimensional sound installation.


It Took the Night to Believe, 60 mins, 2018. Performer. Directed by French artist Emilie Pitoiset. Looped 3 times, in Tai Kwun Contemporary's first exhibition. Curated by Xue Tan & Tobias Berger in 2018.

5 performers flowed in architecture and gesture,  creator analyzes how ongoing replacement underwent political, economic and social crisis.

大館 Work_example_for_apply_acc.png

RADIO LIVE, 60 mins,2018. Performer. A new generation on stage (nouvelle génération au micro) Presented by Centre National de la Danse (CND), France.

It is a storytelling project on stage for which ZZ worked with two radio producers, one illustrator creating live drawings and archives, and a musician. The team had been producing long radio documentary series for the French Public Radio about youth in the world, covering topics like civil society, politics and the arts.


Another Day on The Moon, 14 mins, 2019. 

The work focuses on how dissonance exists between the body and object. 

People participate in a dance of chaotic space, with elastic material forming unattached rhythm and unison, allowing the components to separate and assemble. 

IMG_2228 2.JPG

Moon Paradox l (film), as director and producer, with 3 dancers, 2 mins long, in collaboration with an editor, a cinematographer, a lighting designer and props designer, premiered in 2019. 

At a time when the brain is constantly being challenged by vision, the dancers bring the audience closer to a relationship and to achieve a network of forces.

The theme is about the conflict of contradictions creating an agitated desire, where everyone are full of vitality to love the different states of the sphere, or cast something that the human eye can't grasp.

ZZZT chore&dance&film
Zelia ZZ TAN

ZZZT chore&dance&film

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