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Organization, and exploration, of Space and Time

Ephemeral Privacy: Dancing Amidst Data Breaches, 15mins, 2024

Choreographer & Creative initiator & Director

This dance performance explores privacy, the impact of surveillance and data breaches on post-human daily life. The narrative emphasizes the openness for intersubjectivity and resilience. Witness Euseon's transformation into shadow and Sundari's journey from unaware to self-discovery. As the monitored content unravels and electronic voices mock, the dancers’ data are being used in disturbed ways.

REfract, various, 2023-2026

Director & Choreographer & Dancer. 

A hybrid performance with a solo dancer interacting with motion capture system, avatars and VR technology. Commissioned by Goethe Institut’s International Coproduction Fund and West Kowloon Cultural District. A creative project by ZZZT in collaboration with TechDanceLab

Accelerating Dimension 加速次元, 40mins, 2022

Director & Choreographer. 

Pionier players invite the audience to become co-creators in a multisensory, interactive dance adventure. Blending live performance, improvisation, motion-capture, projections and AR, the experience explores motion through a variety of physical and virtual dimensions.

Sensing Adjacency 傳感鄰接, 10mins, 2022

Choreographer & performer & researcher.

Zelia’s experimental creation aimed to explore the relationships between dancer and their avatar. She researched motion capture (mocap) dance as the form of performance. The work shared the process where one senses the loss of information. The dancer faced a distrust of data, but s/he/it discovers new connections from multiple sensors.

audītŭs 約人在聽, 50mins, 2021

Choreographer & performer & film director.

Two performers discuss the relationship between "language and behavior" with their bodies remotely, helping each other to see and hear part of the world and realize the value of art. Real-time rehearsal uses tools such as yarn, bone earphones, and improved virtual reality headsets to connect another Being and create "somatic" energy to change the relationship between the little self and the environment.

Co-create with Ku Manlan, a full-length theater work was commissioned by Max Dance Hall, performed in Old Court in Macau

inCOMiNG 域匯, 11mins, 2021

Choreographer & performer.

The work exploring the vulnerability of human beings, the dancer consciously responds to the tensions between virtual body and real world.

Flaneur, various lengths, 2015-continue 
Researcher & choreographer & performer.
A long-term experimental dance project. Happened in non-theatre public spaces in Paris, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong etc. 


For the body to improvise in the streets of strange cities, risky spaces with strangers passing by and unforeseeable situations. It is a search for freedom of a fragile body with its complex identity, in a hardcore real world.

Another Day on the Moon 月之背面二三事, 14 mins, 2019


The work focuses on how dissonance exists between the body and object. 


People participate in a dance of chaotic space, with elastic material forming unattached rhythm and unison, allowing the components to separate and assemble. 

disCOVER, 6 mins, 2018

Choreographer & music designer.

The work reflected ZZ's understanding of performativity, associated with her views on body language and identity. 


A dancer in skin-colored jumpsuit, and a large sheet of silver paper which emphasized or hid the gender characteristics of body parts, and individual identity was constantly redefined through verbal behavior and symbolic communication. 

Signal, 15 mins, 2015 

Choreographer & dancer. 

Performed 10 times. Invited by the Helsinki Festival, Finland.


ZZ focused on how to use the change of different vocabularies to communicate with the audience in an impromptu manner. 


During the 25-hour marathonic performance, the improvisation part of the creation was linked to the venue space, and the audience's reactions shaped each performance differently. 

Addiction 癮, 10 mins, 2012

Choreographer & dancer. 

First choreographed work, at the age of 15. Finalist in the Korea International Dance Festival. 


It’s about her personal experience. She felt fearful to take off the high heels. Learning contemporary dance need bare feet.


The stage gave her vanity, a beautiful trap seducing her, but she yearned for freedom. 


Sino-dutch international dance festival

Guang Dong Drama and Dance School


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