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Somatic Practice 張弛有度的身心練習

April 2021- Present teaching regularly

in Tai Po Art Center on Monday

The inspiration for designing this class comes from integrating joyful experiences and using imagination.


Consciously perceiving "doing" is the first step. Then we will create diverse relationships, experience active rest and learn principles, including awareness of changes in breathing. In ten classes, the instructor will share the knowledge of alignment kinesthetically and psychological imagery, guide the students to understand and organize better communication between brain and muscles. Students will experience how to help themselves to find balance in daily lives, and give play to the dynamic elements.


In practice, the potential intelligence in the body will be explored in humorous and challenging ways, and the goal of learning fast and efficiently will be achieved at a slow but not chaotic rhythm. Not limited to habitual movement patterns. Let‘s become what we practice, bringing energetic insight and enthusiasm to various situations.

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