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VR HMD + WebVR + Live theater show 
2020 Feb-June, at Hong Kong Culture Center and Internet

I am the choreographer and performer, spent more than 4 months creating the 9-minutes "Trans 渡" v1.0. Thinking and testing the layers of narrative, physical body dancing on the stages. 


I designed and shooted 8 switchable visual environments with my teammate. The dynamic temperature is the core experience in VR headset which she tries to share with audiences. For example, the content are using CG movement to embody the thermal image of pedestrians walking by, the ants and the influx of black holes are interacting. 

"A female dancer wears a VR headset, spiraling around in a virtual world. The individual's experience of the distance between death and love, embraces infinite proximity."


Behind the work, there are three stages. First, it's a solo creation that part of "O" , directed by XING Liang, anothermountainman/Stanley WONG, sound was designed by Pual Yip, which started in January 2020.

The strong interest in “Future Dance” has led ZZ into participating in Digital Residency (organized by City Contemporary Dance Company in Hong Kong) to explore new possibilities with international artists(online). 

In second stage April 2020, I joined a 14-days online residency programme, a total of 32 artists from different art sectors and different countries, brainstorming, and exploring new possibilities. I transformed my work Trans- virtually through motion capture with partners ( Eugenia S. Kim and Ma YueRu), in Guided Somatic Improvisation VR Project.  The valuable remote collaboration developed to a WebVR. The prototype was continued developing by the three of us in December 2021.


In the third stage June 2020, I performed the work in The Copybook of Life Challenge for Apprentice Magician, which is a family-oriented dance education theatre, director by Melissa LEUNG.

Through repetition and analysis, I tried to reform my movement, perception and consciousness. For me, technology is not a means of presentation, it’s a creative partner. When experimental concepts are embodied, people's perception of time will relatively change due to the attitude, method and form, groping toward a new age. 


WebVR, VR content, 4 mins:

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