Zelia ZZ TAN 谭之卓


A young Asian dance artist crossing over to film and technology. Focus on purpose, form and method of the body, to explore the truth of art and the world.


A professional dancer with City Contemporary Dance Company, Hong Kong now, she has performed and studied in 14 countries. She was invited to perform her solos at Helsinki Festival, Finland. An adventurous spirit cultivates her insight into life and art. She graduated with First-class Honors from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. 


As an experimental dance film director, she explores human body, mind and multiple identities. Among the 5 short films she has directed, "Over Here?" and "Moon Paradox I" were presented in 14 international dance film festivals.


As a versatile artist, she has years of experience in Chinese ink painting and ballroom dance. ZZ also took initiative to host dance workshops on body-and-mind connection for visually impaired teenagers. Lately, she has been venturing into the challenging new territory of virtual reality, experimenting with motion capture and scientific methodology. She was invited to initiating multimedia research in Leonardo 21 residency. At the same time, she keeps reflecting on new ways of choreography, explores virtual dance with Gilles Jobin (Switzerland).

Dancing 2015-2017

There are 8 short pieces


Somesound 2015 April

Blank 2016 June

Studio practice 2017 October

Addiction 2015 August

Interspherence 2016 September

Metamorphosis  2017 July

餘韻 2017 June

Under this weight 2016 November

Honors and Awards
  • July 2019       Graduated with first Honor from HKAPA

  • April 2017       Award the esteemed Jockey club Scholarship

  • July 2016        Enter the Jumping Frames Competition Finalist showcase (student section)

  • June 2016      Award HJS summer intensive scholarship in Amsterdam Netherland

  • May 2016        Award the HKAPA Alumni Association Scholarship 

  • July 2015        Joined the Korea International Modern Dance competition reaching the finals.

  • August 2014   Obtained Class A Ballroom Latin Dance and Modern dance Teacher certification from                                                           China Dancing Teacher Association

  • June 2013       Awarded the Professional L group third place of WDC Guangdong, Hong Kong                                                                       International Latin Open Dance Cup 

  • August 2012   Received the 13th CBDF Championship professional colleges M and L group first prize

  • August 2006  Attained first prize in Fourth National Children's Art League annual art exhibition.  

The past three months


  • October 30                《Over Here?喺度?》Film Screening, commissioned by Jumping Frames International Dance Video                                            Festival, in K11 Art House

  • December 5                Sharing, Thinking Through Dance with year 4 friends in Hong Kong Academy Performing Arts

  • December 25-30       Performed in Mr.Blank, choreographed by Sang Jijia in West Kowloon Cultural District

Upcoming Actives​​​

  • January 1-25              Initiate Dance + VR practice as research

  • January 7, 9, 17          Film screening in Rollout Dance Film Festival in Macau, The Psychedelic and Film and Music Festival                                         in New York

  • February 8-19            Special rehearsal in O directer by Xing Liang, Anothermountainman, documenting in Yuen Long                                                 Theater, suspend performance

  • March 28-29              Present artistic research, support by Leonardo 21

  • April - November     Teaching about Body Conditioning and Somatic Practice every Monday night in Tai Po Art Center

  • April 9-15                    Perform in Triple bill Gala in Hong Kong Culture Center

  • May 25-31                   Perform in Remark, choreographed by Sang Jijia, in Shanghai, Guangdong for Hong Kong Week                                               (TBC)

  • June 15-20                Choreograph and present a new work, commissioned by E-Side Dance Company, in Ngau Chi Wan                                          Civic Centre

  • July                             Develop dance film production, open for collaborations

  • August 12-22            Perform in Quacka, choreographed by Yuri Ng, in Hong Kong Culture Center

  • Sep 17-20, Oct 8      Perform in a new work, choreographed by Helen LAI, in Taiwan and Macau

  • November 13-20     Perform in Home Sweat Home, choreographed by Yuri Ng, in City Contemporary Dance Festival, in                                            West Kowloon Cultural District

  • December                 Open for collaborations