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Zelia ZZ TAN 谭之卓


Zelia ZZ TAN is a cross-disciplinary dance artist focusing on presence and identity and actively engaging technology in choreographic work. Based in Hong Kong, she is a pioneer in dance x technology in Asia, creating virtual and hybrid performances with motion capture, AR, VR, avatars and world-building.


Zelia was a finalist for Tom Brown Emerging Choreographer at the Hong Kong Dance Awards 2023. She has choreographed 7 solos and 5 group works. In 2022, her work “Accelerating Dimension”, with live mocap, avatars and audience interaction showed at the Phygital_D Festival in West Kowloon Cultural District). In 2023, she collaborated with Olivier Cong and Yonglock Ong to show at French May Arts Festival. A recent project is REfract@6degrees, in collaboration with TechDanceLab, with the support of the International Coproduction Fund (Internationaler Koproduktionsfonds) of the Goethe-Institut.


In parallel to being a dance artist of City Contemporary Dance Company, the leading dance company in Hong Kong, Zelia works internationally with masters like Gilles Jobin (Switzerland) and Sasha Waltz (Germany). She co-created AR dance Tanz mit dem Tiger for TanzLabor-Roxy Ulm (Germany, 2021). 


As an experimental dance film director, among the 5 short films she has directed, Over Here? and Moon Paradox I were presented in 18 international dance film festivals (2021-2022). 


Zelia is the founder of TechDanceLab, the first of its kind in Asia, to investigate the interaction of dance and emerging technologies. She was invited to Digital Research of Humanity & Arts Conference (Berlin, 2021), Tanzkongress (Mainz, 2022) and ArtTech Forum (Switzerland 2023). She has published several articles on future dance in Dance Journal/HK.


As a dance educator, Zelia produced inSIGHT, dance workshops for visually impaired teenagers (2018). She held workshops for BFA and MFA dance students as Visiting Artist & Guest Teacher of School of Dance, and was offered residencies in School of Theatre & Entertainment Arts, both at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Art (HKAPA, 2022-2023)


In 2019, Zelia graduated with 1st class honors (BFA in contemporary dance) from the HKAPA. Before university, she was trained in ballroom dancing (winning competitions) and Chinese ink painting. She was invited by Helsinki Festival, Finland to present her solo works, at age 17 (2015).


In Fall 2023, Zelia will begin pursuing her MFA at the California Institute of the Arts in the United States as a double major in Interactive Media for Performance (Theatre) and Choreography (Dance), with financial support from the Asian Cultural Council.

Dancing 2015-2017

There are 8 short pieces


Somesound 2015 April

Blank 2016 June

Studio practice 2017 October

Addiction 2015 August

Interspherence 2016 September

Metamorphosis  2017 July

YuYun 2017 June

Under this weight 2016 November

Experimental dance documentary
Welcome to follow ZZZT upcoming experiences in 2023
  • May 12-14 2023     As a dance artist, perform in a double bill production, presented by City Contemporary Dance Company in                                       Kwai Tsing Theatre

  • June 10 2023         As a choreographer and dancer, collaborate with dance artist, Unlock Yong and sound artists, Olivier Cong for                                   new movement concert “His Temple“ in French May Arts Festival, at Hong Kong City Hall

  • June 15-17 2023    As a dance scholar, invited to a panel discussion at Dance and Somatic Practice Conference

  • July 17-30 2023     As a director, choreographer and dancer collaborate with media artist, Acci Baba in a research residency in                                       Roxy, Tanzlabor in Germany 

  • September 2023    As a MFA student, start the new journey

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