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WRITING / research

A process to readdress questions


FoxTail & big pie of luck

2024 March

FoxTail is a transformative project exploring performing body evolution through lenses and software. Rooted in REfract XR Dance, it intertwines with TechDanceLab and Paladar Space, combining cultural richness and culinary creativity. The initiative poses questions about technology, empowerment, spatial orientation, and environmental connection. The project fosters intercultural exchange, while vividly expressing diverse identities through avatars in performing arts and visual studies. FoxTail aims to nourish the collective spirit and foster connections within the shared fabric of humanity. 


TechDance Interview and TeDaChat


An interview article with Gilles Jobin, published at ARTISM, The International Association of Theatre Critics (HK). Article title: We are on the eve of a digital revolution in the history of dance. The article was translated into Chinese, and talked about AI, technology, and dance.

He said: ”The digital three-dimensional space is accessible to dance artists. You can learn complex techniques on your own or ask for help. This is a new dance space, like dancing in the park, or shooting a dance video in the desert. This is already possible. We have different tools, we have portals into the digital world. AI is part of it.“


4 Questions on Future Dance

2022 December

Many pictures were taken in my recent work, Accelerating Dimension.


“ The future of dance is open and fluid. In the past, mainstream dance was started from the organic body and movement of human beings, while technology or machines preset the direction of iterative upgrading. The deep interaction between Dance and Technology will produce many possibilities. To explore the future of dance, we need to ask questions, experiment, and select and refine works from diverse possibilities. In the process, traditional ideas and methods will be challenged and even subverted. “  


Leonardo21 | Artist in residency

2020  December - 2021 September

The motion capture (mocap) experiment is designed to test kinaesthetic awareness and proprioception in both physical and virtual realities. In practice, the invisible dimension of the environment becomes perceivable. 

Online artist in Residence Programme

April 26, 2020

During the 14-day online residency programme, a total of 32 artists from different arts sector and different countries, including dance artists, media artists, musicians, art educators and producers participated in a joint discussion and proposal of forward-looking solutions, brainstorming, and exploring new possibilities.

inSIGHT Project

October-November 2018

Took initiative to host dance workshops on body-and-mind connection for visually impaired teenagers

Self initiate, collaborate with Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired

Team leader, teacher, researcher

Report of Dance Dramaturgy Workshop

August 26, 2018

The project was hosted by Ibsen International in collaboration with Goethe Institute China. The theme is “Dance and Drama Construction Localization Research”.

I want to make a more relevant interaction between the workshop and my own professonal practice by digesting my gains. So I wrote a reflection, include our process, artist's intentions and using this perspective to ask what openness, context, dynamic are, without explaining the meaning of each word, being critical.

Artist Interview of Ms Daine Madden

April 27, 2018

Ms Madden is an Associate Artistic Director of Trisha Brown Dance Company. She enjoys keeping Brown’s rich range of choreography alive on stages, her insights and work will definitely be valuable to everyone interested in dance. I am glad to incorporate my thoughts about the Set and Reset/ Rest and interview resource into one article.

The Observation of Question

April 17, 2018

This essay I want focus on analyzing Pina Bausch’s choreographic methods. Using NELKEN as a case study to review her compositional choice, aesthetic perspectives, background and inspiration of her creation. 

The Human body in performance art

November 13, 2017

Through my research I found 2  lenses ( Limited body between life and death, Artist’s body in public)  to dive into my unknown field. I discovered 2 works that abramovic made as the case study.

Study in Amsterdam

July 25, 2016

  In this learning summary that I do not want to write too much about dance skill and knowledge. However, what is dance knowledge? Is it disjointed between life and dance? This reflection is written after the courses and travel, because the problem of this moment is the most direct and the freshest. I gradually found those specific questions in doubt, my problem is large and empty If I do not know the purpose of problems. Actually some ideas were collapsed in my mind,because there is not enough information and knowledge to support. After this trip, I picked up three points from a lot of interesting ideas to reflect and discuss.

Reflection of IADMS sessions

October 21, 2016

The International Association for Dance Medicine & Science provided various sessions that engage me to seek truth and know more about medicine and science for dancers. I am curious about dance science, because I need the knowledge to help me aware my body and prevent injury. I want know different possibility to make my career better and longer, I will keep gaining knowledge and explore. 

Dance perspective

November 06, 2016


《Echoing Woods》作品欣赏

May 26, 2015

欣赏《Echoing Woods》这个作品,并深深地投入其中探寻着事物的发展,或许不论是舞者还是观众都会情不自禁地将自己融入某一角色,同时,编舞想要表达的微妙细节也将在舞者身上不断变化,所以我认为一个作品的轨迹与它本身的创作精神,往往源于编舞的经历。而舞者如何用身体表达“情绪”?就产生了一个问题:在舞台上,你到底是演员,舞者,还是普通人?无关于应该是怎样,而在乎你是否清晰?那些像寄生兽般的影子,是否也带着黑暗的愤怒呢?

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