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March, 2022

An artistic laboratory exploring the interaction of dance and technologies, founded by Zelia ZZ TAN in 2022, based on the Internet and working on projects with a global community of collaborators. The first and only professional community-based entity in Hong Kong focusing on the interaction of dance and technology.  

TeDaChat (Exchange): monthly online dialogues with dancers, other artists and professionals

TeDaNews (Media): monthly newsletter on what’s happening in tech X dance around the World

TeDaRS (Research): theoretical investigation of topics related to dance and technology

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Conference & Exchange

Attended Game Developers Conference and performed with the Cie Gilles Jobin team, encountered independent creators. 2024

Invited to the panel at ArtTech Forum (Switzerland) as a speaker, discuss cutting-edge digital dance with Susanna, Phillip, and Gilles. 2023

Invited to a panel discussion at the UK Dance and Somatic Practice Conference, as a dance scholar. 2023

Invited to attend M+ Game Night: City Building as a Board Game, by M+ Museum, Hong Kong. 2022

Attended Tanzkongress Mainz, VRHAM! VR & Art Festival in Hamburg, Art Laboratory event in Berlin, and documenta15 in Kassel, as a dance scholar supported by a grant from Goethe Institute. 2022

Presented a talk on ID Transfer in future dance VR, at the 25th Digital Research of Humanity and Arts Conference, Berlin. 2021

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Provocateur in the SloMoCo

September, 2021


Nice conversation between Johannes Birringer, Fran Morand, Javier Jaimovich, and Zelia ZZ Tan. This video kicks off the second series of Provocations | Conversations | Iterations curated by Teoma J Naccarato,  John MacCallum, and Jessica Rajko as part of SloMoCo 2021. 

The Provocations Project involves a series of open calls for provocations meant to spur dialogue regarding differences that have come to matter within and between cultures of research in the arts, humanities, and sciences.

Participant in the #Zuhoren 4 

December 13, 2019


Climate change & democracy – From complexity to action« took place at the radialsystem. 3 days full of new impulses and inspiring encounters.

We listened, discussed, debated, took notes, learned from each other, talked to each other; we cooked, ate and danced together and saw inspiring performances – or even took part in one.

Faciliator in Flight at Shalowan

October 26, 2018

We have taken a blog step towards cross sector collaboration in a milieu. The Absolutely Fabulous Theater Connection, who promise a serious of experiences to inspiring, educating, and entertaining both local families  and visitors. Partnering with  Eden Project to shared ethos in growing values, that aim to nurture positive change in the world around us via the arts, science and more. 

Paticipated in Jockey Club Service Trip 2018 in Hong Jiang

March 28, 2018

I was devoted to the charity cause, which was organized by the Jockey Club Charitable Foundation with 12 scholars. We hosted workshops and culture activities.for example using images and scientific research to analyze the thinking process of the human brain. We empowered the students to open their hearts in the interaction and performance practice.

I also did my first 10 km run, in 57 mins. I heard "Remember the spirit of starting a run, and how to face challenges." Thus I found the meaning of culture sometimes is not abstract, it is live, and could wildly infused into one's feet to make you walk or run forward.

Participated at Love Love Run for AIDS Concern

November 21, 2015

Host a workshop in Helsinki Festival

August 27, 2015

I held a workshop for people without dance training, using  'soma' that can help them to enjoy the balance between thought and soul.  

Volunteer in Jingde Nursing House

July 03, 2015

Teaching in a community event

June 12, 2014

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