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Artist in Residency
Mocap experiment + VE creation + Achieve choreographic process
2021 January-October, Hong Kong

I am grateful to work as a researcher, explore the intersection between body and technology. This project is made possible in part through an artist’s residency with Leonardo21.


ZZ Mocap Day Series on social media:

>Footages + Description + Questions<

ZZ mocap article (Chinese and English):

「My motion capture (mocap) experiment is designed to test kinaesthetic awareness and proprioception in both physical and virtual realities. In practice, the invisible dimension of the environment becomes perceivable. 」

Co-authored paper by ZZ and Eugenia Kim:

>Motion Capture and Virtual Reality as Non-Organic Dance Partners: A Journey of Somatic Experiment. < submit to Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts 2022. The paper will be shared public soon.

Leonardo 21's web:

Online presentation's schedule:

ZZ Participated in 25th Digital Research of Humanity and Arts Conference. This program will happen virtually, and hosted by Humboldt University, Berlin. My presentation “ID Transfer in future dance VR” is on 2021.9.6.

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