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Reflection of IADMS sessions

(The International Association for Dance Medicine & Science )


Name of session: Coaching embodiment: applications of dance science into artistry


Time of session:11.30 am - 12.20 pm


Name of Presenter:Stevie Oakes


3 Key point from the session:

1, mindfulness approaches connect to participants’ professional practice or creativity.

2, create the awareness of body and of movement thought explorations within improvisational movement scores

3, a structured pathway include an invitation into a short sitting meditation


My reflection from this session:


In the morning, she start to lead us aware the structure of our feet and ankle through 3 dimensional feeling—massage by ourselves. Then She guided participants to gradually warm up their knee, pelvic, back side,spin,shoulder and continue to find more mobility.

1, basic practice and principle for technique class 

2, giving participant anatomy sensibility, such as use  anatomical language to guide our ordinary  dance practice.

3, using body structure to create and aware our body

4, hand as a Q for participants to remind themselves

5, various combination-structure pathways-can change our habit (we need move with understanding and some practices)


she also mentioned breath, gravity, imagination…

I think her presentation/class is very clear and delivery lots of knowledge about dance science, help me to embody mobility by innovative practice way .







Name of session: Dietary and exercise behaviours of female contemporary dancers attending a conservatoire


Time of session: 6.15-6.30 pm


Name of Presenter: Meghan A Brown


3 Key point from the session:


1,Energy balance and appropriate macronutrient intake are essential for maintaining the demands of training, performance, recovery and physiological adaptation. 

2,female contemporary dancers are at risk of energy deficiency, particularly during periods of scheduled training and may be susceptible to the numerous health and performance impairments associated with negative energy balance.

3,compare exercise and dietary behaviors during week days, and during the weekend.


My reflection from this session:


She links the importance of nutrition / dietary to the practical training and performance of the female dancers. Whilst compare the expenditure of week and the weekend, it makes me reflect, because her object is preprofessional female dancers who usually at collage and get lots of training.

Evidence makes me reflect what I knew, then I am willing to find right way to dance and live! Because dance is not only on stage. The evidence indicate energy output are similar between week and weekend, but intake indicate they get more nutrition during weekend and make them more positive.

At the same time she provides the world's standards. This makes me curious about that in addition to our own standard or the standards around us, what should we know and explore?  Use knowledge to dance rather than just knowing common sense. This makes me look back on the real experiences that around me, some female dancers sometimes didn’t have enough enthusiasm and energy, the reasons is not only physical fitness but also the requirements of their body. Appropriate nutritional intake could maintain the body as well as provide a good mental and physical condition to meet the rehearsal and performance, otherwise it going to be a bad cycle and may cause too much stress or injury.


The conference engage me to seek truth and know more about medicine and science for dancers. I am curious about dance science, because I need the knowledge to help me aware my body and prevent injury. Now I want know different possibility to make my career better and longer, I will keep gaining more knowledge and explore. Thank you!

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