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Study in Amsterdam    July 2016


In this summary, I did not want to write too much about dance skill and knowledge. However, what is dance knowledge? Is it disjointed between life and dance? This reflection is written after the courses and travel, because the feeling of this moment is the really direct and problem is fresh. I  found those specific questions in doubt, If I do not know the purpose of problems, my problem is just large and empty . Actually some ideas were collapsed in my mind, because there is not enough  knowledge to support. After this trip, I picked up three points to reflect and discuss from a lot of interesting ideas.

1. The method of those class

2. The impact of short-term training (intensive training)

3. How to obtain knowledge from dancers in company



little experience

I think study dance in the Netherlands is a both inspirational and trainable process. I was in other cultural regions, instinctively generated a sense of curiosity. Learning experience made me kept thinking, more focused on the present and found lots of opportunities to play. For example, Making the training camp as a case analysis, reflect how to run a successful institution in other place with clear objective.


In the three weeks I continuously improved my physical capability, muscle flexibility and  Responsiveness. There were a number of dancers have different physical and thinking partners that was very interesting and extremely competitive. Their efforts stimulated me to try in unfamiliar field,  I wanted to challenge myself. Under the stimulation of each other, we were stricter to require ourselves and encourage each other. At the same time we can understood some differences between us in an interesting conversation, absorbed new knowledge. In fact, it is easier to make more friends.


I think the best way of learning is to focus in the course and try my best to experience. It is not about making a special question or guessing the purpose, and I don’t need to worry about how much I can get. I think the conclusion is essential, feeling the moment can also be emotional. Like Ernest Hemingway once said he would not know truly how good until he read it over the next day(A Movable Feast). I would like to put down my pen  and enjoy my advantage.



The official curriculum



Open class in the morning, they mainly focus on physical body in different ways, workshops in the noon or afternoon develop on various themes(varies by teacher.)

HJS summer training have a lot of courses that you can choose, so choose a course is very important, but how can we choose it?

◆ No matter the teacher is working in a big company as an instructor or a famous actor,the most important thing is appropriated for you.

◆ clear the purpose of study journey . It's not just because you've never experienced it. otherwise It may cause you to get lost in the classroom.

My class schedule   










  • Knowing the teacher's background in advance,  perhaps you feel puzzled. Then use our body to experience and get real answers from the course. 

  • Communicate with teacher is critical, as they also want to know the situation of students.

Communication - such as raised questions about the content of course or discuss different views, teacher could help students to resolve problems and give them respect.























































Introduction-Journey Diary  23 July 2016

In fact, I wanted to explore why the intensive training can strongly affect my physical habits in a short periods of time,  learning at school may have more obvious change, but I did not really pay attention. Because in a unfamiliar environment I seem got more challenge, may be failed. It is just a different mentality thinking. Every moment can be new and exciting! But at the end how much I truly absorb them from the training? 



The influence of short-term training (intensive training)




For example, professional athletes through intensive training to rapidly improve their body and mind, this particular training exclude distractions and evoke some memory of the body, participants may leave familiar environment. There are some overloaded training, its often through numerous verification and the intensive training has a strong systematic and scientific reference. the purpose of athletes training is to raise their achievement in a short time and push the limits. As the appeal said, but it just applies to athletes? In fact, the actors also need training to prepare for the performance and to show their best. Even the actor is not just a sportsmen who needs physical support, but professional athletes in advanced training is actually skillful, rather than fool exercises. So I think we can learn from them, like before Mr Redfern, Jaime used experimental test to help us improve in the short-term,which include the analyze of polygon edges diagram.


In training we learn from each other and  teacher help us by giving instant feedback. Wan Weigang once said the United States had a great college basketball coach John Wooden, he has 75% of the words are given very specific feedback and send different instructions in training ground. How does this move, change. The next action to do what, and constantly provide feedback to his students of any small action.I think there is a certain standard for the basic skills of practicing dance, but some of the requirements need adjust, because it is based on different people. One of the reasons why our self-practice may not be so efficient, we do not have instant feedback system and continue to practice or timely correct the error. Now I spend one minute before training to make a small target, which allows me to get instant feedback in breakthroughs, meanwhile try to avoid habitual errors.


During training camp I do not know why I always think about this question, why a child would feel excited when get a new toy? Why do we feel fear when we learn something new? Like homework it might be seen as a burden, but if it is as an additional gift will become interesting? I train myself to be not afraid about accepting new knowledge. It may take a few years longer to do a meticulous thing, at the same time it requires me to keep doing things which I'm not good at. The intensive training like a door, leading me into a non-comfort zone which is a good learning state. Because I do not know a lot of information and if there is no knowledge of interaction is very difficult to get efficient outcomes. Because the process of learning is to put new things together with our original structure.


I found that the content of different trainings in Europe are not similar. On the contrary, the themes are very clear. Teachers would analyze and emphasis central point from different angles, not a vague concept. Some content may seem simple, actually there are lots of possibilities when we explore.Thus I have a strong desire for new knowledge, I away from the comfort zone into the learning area.


Some people may think intensive training is like before the college entrance examination, if some people passively acquire knowledge who is learning in China would know that they don’t remember a lot. After some exam and study, will  we unconscious remove those knowledge? I continue to ask yourself what I gained from many teachers in the three weeks, what is most precious?Is it really exist the most precious thing? Did I get more experience outside of the course? I keep reflect on learning and observing some changes in the body, and continue to interact with the knowledge I have got.


In just three weeks, the teacher taught us lots of skills or maybe just an attitude, students will be able to continue experience and perhaps have been got the most basic knowledge.  There is no doubt that short-term training also needs a lot of practice. recently I saw a article of logical thinking which mentioned the 'deliberate practice', some people may mistakenly believe that practicing the violin is to hardly practice a song, this exercise is called silly practice. The real one is to split large pieces of information become a small module, become a little knowledge, then hard practice. If you want to become a pianist,your will keep come back to practice the most specific fingering training,such as canon fingering training, professional dancers as well.


From those observation, I get the reflection is not to check whether some training methods is scientific enough or not. I think how to establish the most appropriate solution for ourselves is more important(the premise is to understand ourselves), at the same time we effectively accomplish and reflect the stage results, then correct mistakes and make new plans.

How to obtain knowledge from dancers in company......

















































韩愈曰:师者 传道授业解惑也。解答疑惑便是其中一点



























在学习舞团的演出片段时有许多编舞上的要求,看似是学习没有多余发挥空间的群舞舞段,实际上学员需要调整进步的细节还有很多。当然最基本的还是在于达到编舞的要求:保证了集体的统一性,质感、节奏等细节。但不曾改變的是跳舞的人依旧是你,别人都只是 你的观众。通过反复的认真练习后,每个人都在经历着改变,我们身在其中体验着每次的小惊喜。







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