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FoxTail, a project of metamorphosis, seeks to transmute intricate details into a staging experience. The heart of the initiative lies in questioning the performing body—exploring its pauses and impact on our understanding of movement. We document this journey using lenses and software, posing thought-provoking queries about technology's role in empowerment, and transforming experiences onto flat screens. FoxTail aims to feed the collective spirit, fostering connections within the soil and beings of our surroundings.     


The narrative for the performance, Labyrinth, will be transformed into documentation: Sarah engages in dialogue with intelligent systems, crafting diverse identities and navigating choices. Various iterations of herself emerge, each evolving independently and engaging in interactive learning experiences. Throughout this exploration, she delves into the significance of life and diverse ways of existence across multiple realities.

FoxTail challenges formal conventions by extending and subverting ideas related to performing arts, technology, and community engagement. The project envisions a future where creators and communities converge within digital realms, resonating through CalArts' exhibition, Paladar Space culminating in the Expo Festival. 

螢幕截圖 2024-03-02 13.50.31.png

Creative team

Media Artist, Choreographer, Performer, Programmer: Zelia ZZ Tan (MFA1 Interactive Media for Performance & Choreography)

Moving Image Artist: laury fong (MFA1 Experimental Animation)

Musician, DJ: Cross (BFA2 Expop)

Avatar Designer: Dayday, Zhang Tian (Guest artist)

Writer: abbi page (MFA2 Film and video)

Graphic Designer: Ingrid Tai (MFA1 Graphic)


螢幕截圖 2024-03-02 13.45.28.png

ZZ's thoughts about installation practice

Drawing inspirations from visionaries such as Marcel Duchamp, Pipilotto Rist, and Hito Steyerl, whose practices in Europe involve questioning the mediums they employ, including object exploration and body to redefine their relationships with the world and artistic practice.


Exploring how this approach could heighten practitioners' awareness of intentional technology use and foster independent learning through the documentation and recomposition processes, simplifying the subject matter's essence.


Physical recovery becomes digital performance, streaming embodied movements.

 ZZ questions the machine's eye in an image envisioning boundless bodies.

ZZ explored a Venice Biennale project, an open-air school project initiated by Elton Léniz offering a space for socialization, and communion with nature

Installation, performance, programming practice 

Digital forest scene created by laury.

Avatar creation with Dayday.

Guest artists

The proposed inclusion of visiting artists will enrich intercultural exchange at CalArts, complementing the student-initiated event and extending invitations to alumni to broaden the scope of our practice. Delving into both aesthetic and political realms, our project explores identities, expressed vividly through avatars, encompassing a spectrum from performing arts to visual studies.


The visit of acclaimed artists like Philip Fury, Claudix (online), Gilles Jobin, Susana Panadés Diaz and more promises to significantly enhance intercultural exchange at CalArts. Philip Fury infuses his passion for multidisciplinary arts with storytelling and Technology through the lens of Hip Hop, and a proud Black Identity. Claudix, born in Peru, challenges norms and embraces non-binary performance in technology and visual art. Maisa Imamović is a writer and a web designer + developer interested in building hybrid publishing formats and collectively built interfaces. Gilles Jobin and Susana Panadés Diaz, pioneers in creative XR, offer a unique perspective with their "Pop-up Mocap Lab" project, fostering exciting creation. Their presence will inspire students across disciplines, promoting a rich cultural exchange.


A creative project in collaboration with TechDanceLab research (TeDaRS). The next iteration will be presented in Paladar Space (Downtown Los Angeles). 6 pm open house and 7 pm start performance. Welcome to jump in! 

RVSP only:

Practices will evolve into institute classes in new semesters. More practice research, workshops, and experiences will be shared. Thanks! 

Workshops co-lead by Zelia and Philip 20240409
​More sharing in May
New installation work, Three 三 will be presented at Expo Festival 2024 on May 2nd. Thanks!

Know ZZZT more through other creations

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