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Ephemeral Privacy: Dancing Amidst Data Breaches
MFA1 Collaborative Concert

1 & 2 February 2024 at 8 P.M.
Runtime: 1 hour. 15-minute performance and 40 mins workshop
Location: Sharon Disney Lund Dance Theatre, CalArts

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This dance performance explores privacy, the impact of surveillance and data breaches on post-human daily life. The narrative emphasizes the openness for intersubjectivity and resilience. Witness Euseon's transformation into shadow and Sundari's journey from unaware to self-discovery. As the monitored content unravels and electronic voices mock, the dancers’ data are being used in disturbed ways. 


This project invites the audiences/participants to reflect on the complexities of existence and the quest for agency in a hyper-connected world.


Choreographer & creative initiator & director: Zelia ZZ Tan

Composer & creative initiator: Arlo Tomecek

Dancer: Sundari Wright

Movement researcher: Euseon Song

Animator: Laury Fong

Lighting designer: Becky King

Scenic designer: Chae Me Hwang 

Video designer: Zelia ZZ Tan, Drew Gebhardt

Costume designer: Tiffany Lee

Videographer: Julien Zhang

Producer: Miriam Randolph 

Creative researcher: Ben Johnson

Graphic designer, marketing creator: Jada Merritt, Haruka Cheung

​Photos by Yuqiao Zhang, Samuel Wents, Abraham Perez, ZZZT

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