Making Dance VRARXR

ZZ's objectives:

- To create a new perception of reality for artists and participants, and multiple identities in performing arts X technology

- To keep reflecting on new ways of choreography

VRAR experience:

-As a choreographer, co-create with Ku Manlan a full-length theater work “audītŭs”, used VR HMD to communicate and performed in Old Court in Macau, 2021 April-October

- As an artist, presented “ID Transfer in future dance VR” at the 25th Digital Research of Humanity and Arts Conference virtually in 2021 September

- As a distant digital dance maker, engaged to create AR dance by ROXY-TanzLabor (German)  choreographed by Pablo Sansalvador in Tanz mit dem Tiger at Ulm in 2021 July-September

- As a guest artist, created live motion capture dance performance with Cie Gilles Jobin (Switzerland) in La Comedie virtuelle in a VR environment, perform at Tanz Karlsruhe Festival / ZKM center for art and media and global in 2021 Apri

- As research, initiated Artist in Residency in Leonardo21 and published an article about the mocap experiment and the VR performance in 2021 January-October

- As a dancer and choreographer for Trans, a WebVR and theater performance with VR HMD at Hong Kong in 2020 January-June


AR Dance


VR Real time performance

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Show experts

There are 2 works:
La Comedie virtuelle
April 2021
Tanz mit dem Tiger
September 2021

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