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Interspherence II

Choreographed by Zhizhuo Tan

Dancer:Jason Michael Liel, Clark David Ortega


I am glad to share with you my work, Interspherence II ’s prototype was my solo. It started with the relationships between solo, skirts and balls. As a choreographer I focused on how dissonance existed between body and object. I investigated gravity, which is related to balance and conflict between the body and objects. 

The collision of the body and my research explored people’s immediate feelings about Hong Kong’s life and art. What the audience saw was not just two men and one ball. There was a power relationship between these three parties. It can be assumed that there was a line/triangle relationship between the trio. 


Audience will have different interpretations and the way of seeing a body/object, various perspectives provide different lenses. Each object had its own meanings and stories behind. The ball seemed to be balanced all the time, but it also seemed to not understanding what balance was. For me It was like a heart, or a third person, or our Earth. My work involved a dynamic participatory appreciation of Time, turning the invisible into the tangible.

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